What to Expect in Social Media in 2014


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2014 – Looking ahead

Social Media will become a necessity for business. No longer a nice to have, it will become the norm. If you do not have a social media presence it will be like not having a website. It will make you look obsolete.

Mobile will continue to grow and dominate. – 75 percent of people living on earth have at least one mobile gadge

Social ads as well as the overall online experience will become laser targeted and personalized

Budgets for social media will grow. Gone are the days of “free” social media marketing. In 2014 we will see social media marketing and advertising budgets grow as it is now the norm.

Video will become a necessity for marketing and advertising – Did you know that landing pages with video see an 86% increase in conversions.Google Plus will continue to grow and gain in importance for authors, brands and companies.Pinterest will grow even more and be used more and more as a search engine.Niche networks and apps will be where people frequent in their personal social media interactions.Social media for business will become more strategic. Instead of blindly posting without a plan or a strategy, more and more businesses will see the value of having a road map to success in their social media and online efforts.Privacy will become an even more important consideration for individuals using social media and engaging with companies and organizations.Social media (mostly via mobile) and tv watching will become the norm. TV will become more interactive because of this trend.Email is not dead and continues to be an important part of the marketing mix. However social media will continue help email become more sharable and interactive.Changes will be faster and business will need to stay up with what is happening to stay in the game.The noise will be louder so you will really need to focus on quality to cut through the mess.
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